Medium Industrial Cannabis Grinder
Medium Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Cannabis Industry

Medium Industrial Cannabis Grinder

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Our medium-sized cannabis industrial grinder has a throughput of roughly 120lbs an hour, depending on how dry your material is.

Our Grinder has a unique approach to grinding material; we use a Teflon grinding blade that is adjustable and replaceable to optimize your grind time and to have perfect calibration over time. The Grinder also includes two separate mesh grind plates, which we have found the best grind solution for the ideal air and smoke mixture using our unique double grind plate system.

Our Grinder gives you two grind sizes so that when the product comes out, it's perfectly mixed between the two-particle sizes.

Our machine will provide you with the best joint on the market.

You may also replace the screens with different particle-hole sizes.


Construction Stainless Steel 304, Teflon
Variable Speed and Torque Yes
Included Screens 2
Feed Motor 110Lbs Torque
Milling Blades 6
Power Requirements 110v/220v, 10Amps/5Amps
Easy Disassembly Yes
Screen Compartments 2
Maximum RPM 80
Width 20"
Height 40"
Length 35"