Reinventing Industrial automation for wastewater treatment

Ansuz is reinventing industrial automation for manufacturing industries in USA and Mexico such as filling machines, filling lines, and process automation in many vectors.

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Reinventing Industrial automation for wastewater treatment

We would like to welcome you to a new blog post driven by experience and necessity in the Manufacturing, Construction, and Service Industries. One of our most recent projects has been a company that manufactures custom water systems for water treatment plants. They have a lot of technology invested into their business to help them compete against their competition, they have decided to increase productivity and total throughput, especially with the current state of the workforce in the USA because of COVID and the economy. To this date, they have not lost anyone due to COVID which is great news for us all. Our team specializes in many industries but it's always the same concept, we help companies like this one automate their process with machinery. Our company specializes in Industry 4.0 and automation such as filling machines, bottle sorters, top sorters, bowl feeders, and specialized CNC Equipment to automate manual industrial processes. There isn’t one challenge our team can’t do.

For this challenge, our designing team had to come up with a machine that could CNC Mill 20ft long pieces of raw material and install special components on top of the raw material using a special glue and crimping process. This includes 4 motion motors and a positional servo motor for the tool changer. Our customer gets to have a beautiful HMI to control their machine and program where and how the CNC portion of this machine will operate. This machine was more challenging because we only have 2 Axis that are Linear and the third Axis is the rotation of the raw material, like a Lathe but not exactly. With a design like this, we knew we would have to write a custom cutting program using path tools to give us the coordinates of the cuts at the correct resolution. We saved our client money and time by using high-quality and performance belts that can withstand the forces needed to drive the main machine head.

We specialize in automating production lines for industrial service, construction, and manufacturing such as liquids, foods, and more, tell us what you want, and we will engineer and fabricate it for you. All materials come certified and follow USDA/3A Standards.

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